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Kwality is proud to introduce MailDefender an innovative spam and virus protection solution for businesses worldwide. MailDefender provides the most effective blocking of spam, viruses and phishing exploits, while restoring end-user confidence in email. With MailDefender, email users enjoy unparalleled proactive and granular control over access to their inbox. Access is denied to unwanted senders and content, while access is assured for the mail they want to receive. Powerful end-user controls are matched by exceptional configurability enabling them to meet the widest range of requirements and address the toughest spam problems.

MailDefender also provides email continuity, by queuing inbound email when one’s local server experiences an outage, and outbound email filtering, to help prevent users from inadvertently spamming their customers, partners and suppliers. MailDefender’s exceptional degree of control is achieved by combining its unique capabilities with traditional defences, such as Allow Lists, Block Lists, and content filtering, based on the user’s preferences. Research shows that MailDefender’s blended defence-in-depth can improve the effectiveness of traditional techniques by one to two orders of magnitude.



Features & Business Benefits:

- Managed Email SPAM Protection

Functionality: Protection against spam, viruses and phishing exploits outside the corporate network.
Business Benefits:

  • Block email-borne malware outside of the corporate network
  • Provide stronger inbox control by blending content and non-content based techniques to achieve more effective blocking and fewer false positives
  • Avoid unsolicited offensive material that could be perceived as creating a hostile work environment
  • Avoid the maintenance and management required for on-site hardware and software solutions.
  • Completely eliminate foreign language spam that often bypasses traditional defences
  • Secure the local email server by eliminating multiple access points

- Outbound Email Auditing

Functionality: Detection of open relays, zombie PCs, and outbound viruses.
Business Benefits:

  • Protect your reputation with a safeguard that prevents users from inadvertently sending spam and viruses to your customers, suppliers and partners.
  • Avoid the blacklisting of your production static IP addresses, and the business disruption that this entails.
  • Identify possible compromised PCs that can lead to the leak of sensitive corporate information.

- Email and Business Continuity

Functionality: Auto-queuing of inbound email in case the local mail server fails or the power goes out.
Business Benefits:

  • Incoming email is not bounced or lost when your local email server is down for any reason.
  • Local email problems are invisible to external senders, because non-delivery receipts are not sent.
  • Delivery of incoming mail resumes as soon as the local email server returns to operation.

- Volume Based Protection

Functionality: Block email sent to unknown users before it reaches your corporate infrastructure.
Business Benefits:

  • Neutralise volume-based directory harvesting and denial of service attacks.
  • Save the bandwidth otherwise consumed by spam and messages to unknown users.
  • Avoid the need for hardware (hard drive, memory, CPU) upgrades to critical infrastructure components by reducing the volume of email processed per day.

- Enhancements to the overall email experience –

Functionality: Use of purpose-specific addresses as tags to organise and track email communication.
Business Benefits:

  • Use Protective Addresses to organize email, for example, for all correspondence related to a particular customer or project or for responses to a marketing campaign.
  • Provide users with concrete, proactive tools to protect the integrity of their primary email address.


Up and protecting in just a few minutes! Deployment of the service requires a simple MX Record change to route email through our servers. MailDefender can work with any local email server, and doesn’t require the installation of any server or client software or hardware at the customer’s location.

MailDefender Backbone

For a limited time we are offering an obligation free 14 days test drive of MailDefender with FREE domain setup!

Contact our customer service team on 1300 853 453 to find out more about incorporating this feature into your IT infrastructure



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